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Together with developing a new MB-SG50 structural wall, the ALUPROF S.A. offer of façade solutions was introduced with a construction of the tilt window to be used in a transom-mullion wall, also basing on the MB-SG50 system.

The MB-SG50 tilt window may be applied in the classic system of a transom-mullion wall MB-SR50, as well as in modified systems MB-SR50 PL and MB-SR50 EFEKT.

Ones of the most important advantages of this solution are the unusually economical shapes, which add lightness to the entire structure, what is of the particular significance in the view from the outside.

Thanks to application of the most modern technology of structural gluing, based on gluing the outer glass panel to the aluminium frame with structural silicon, we have avoided the necessity to use any aluminium elements from the outside or any mechanical joints for fitting the glass panel. It resulted in maintaining the uniform line of the width of 16 mm on the façade from the outer side, and causes that the tilt windows do not differ from the neighbouring permanent compartments.

In order to obtain the best possible qualities as regards thermal and acoustic insulation, the latest technical solutions concerning thermal inter-layers and glazing gaskets was applied. A very effective ventilation and drainage system was also designed, which guarantees a long-lasting and failure-free window operating.

The MB-SG50 tilt window has obtained the Technical Approval ITB no. AT-15-3393/2003 dated March 2003. The detailed information on the above-mentioned structure is available in a printed form: in an abridged version - as a supplement to the Catalogue for architects, and in the detailed version – as a supplement to the Production Catalogue of MB-SR50 system, available to all aluminium structure producers co-operating with us.

The full documentation on the above-mentioned system can be also found in the authorized section of our website.