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MDF windowsills

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MDF Windowsills

Interior windowsills made of the MDF are available in a wide range of colors. Paint and wood veneers from renowned manufacturers are used to paint the windowsills in order to best match the color of the windows made of PVC.

Windowsills made of conglomerate

Windowsills made of conglomerate are imitations of natural stones, they often have better properties than the original.

PVC windowsills

Thanks to the widest range of veneers available on the market they perfectly go together with all kinds and colors of windows. A wide color palette enables to find the perfect décor for every interior.

Exterior aluminum windowsills

Aluminum exterior windowsills is a new generation of products which is supposed to replace the steel exterior windowsills. They are slightly more expensive but they are rustproof and much harder. They are weather resistant and available in any color.

Exterior steel windowsills

  • Designed for installation with the PVC windows.
  • Good quality at an affordable price.
  • Attractive and durable, weather resistant.
  • If properly installed, they protect the building’s façade and drain water.
  • Resistant to humidity and staining, non-combustible, resistant to chemicals and cleaning products used at home.