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Only VEKA, only A* class

A new generation of window profiles now on the market. It allows to PRODUCE an even better window joinery having better functional properties and using the newest technology.

Among the many producers, VEKA is the one which offers only the the “A*” class products according to the PN-EN 12608 norm. The external walls are at least 3 mm thick and the width of the internal chambers is minimum 5 mm. These are the key elements providing thermal and sound insulation at the same offering stability and durability. Profiles which have thinner panes, which belong to lower “B” or “C” class, are not that resistant to damage and are more vulnerable to corner breaking.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to check the class of profiles used to produce a readymade window. Only VEKA offers the certainty that these belong to the class “A*” as VEKA does not produce lower class of profiles.

Having class

The “A*” class window profiles are characterized by the external walls which are at least 3 mm thick and the width of the internal chambers is minimum 5 mm. It requires 10% more PVC to produce than the B class profiles. These key parameters ensure the following functional properties:

  • Low vulnerability to damage. Thick walls of the VEKA A* class offer strong connections of the window corners which prevent the dangerous phenomenon of cracking at welds. The durability of the corners made of these profile exceeds by far the durability of B or C class profiles.
  • High stability. VEKA A* class profiles help to increase the stability of the frame and sash, especially the larger ones. There is also a 20% increase in relation to the B class profiles in terms of the durability of the profiles and the resistance for tearing the bolts used to fasten the fittings.
  • High temperature resistance. It is important in our climate where the 24 hour temperature amplitudes can be really high. Let us analyze the early spring time. At night the temperatures are below zero (-2°C), and during a sunny day it can reach 16°C. During the several hours between the morning and the noon the window profile must perform an enormous task absorbing such a high amount of energy. The profile expands. When the dawn comes the process is reversed. The profile cools down and shrinks. The thick walls of all the VEKA profiles ensure a perfect statics and a strong corner welding without the risk of cracking.
  • The optimum sound-insulation of the VEKA A* profiles allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet in your own home while the maintenance-free, weatherproof and age-resistant material guarantees a long-lasting attractive appearance.