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Garage gate doors

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Section gate doors offer a functional and effective solution. They are built of sections of closed profiles made of galvanized metal. They are filled with a non-Freon polyurethane foam which is hard to ignite.

Section gate doors are produced based on individual customer’s order.

Dimensions of the gate can be adjusted to the gantry opening, if its height does not exceed 3000 mm. The maximum width is 5000 mm. All the structural elements of the gates are made of galvanized steel. The walls of a gate door segment are of 0.5 mm thick steel. In some designs the thickness reaches 0.7 mm. They are filled with a non-Freon polyurethane foam which is hard to ignite and which guarantees safety and durability of our gates. Torsion springs are either galvanized or powder coated to RAL 9006 color. Their life is 15,000 cycles and it can be increased even to 25000 cycles at customer request. Lateral segments are painted white (similar to RAL 9010) after galvanization, which significantly improves the aesthetics of the gate.

Electric gate operator deserves particular attention when choosing the optional equipment.

Even the manually operated section gate door can be opened comfortably and easily due to the fact that its weight is balanced by torsion springs mounted on the lintel. Each garage gate door can be equipped with an upper electric gate operator. By default, the drive power is transferred through a chain rail. Optionally, a plastic rack can be used (it operates much more silently). An emergency manual unbolting of the gate can prove to be very helpful in case of a power outage.

More color options

How to adjust the gate door color to the color of the windows or the building facade? With the help of Renolit wood veneers. In addition to the basic gate colors, available from many manufacturers, we additionally offer the choice of more than twenty shades of wood veneers or painting the gate doors any color according to RAL.

Not enough space to install the gate door?

To install the Interflex gate segment normally 200 mm of lintel is needed. If there is not enough space, using a special kind of low lintel guides, 70 mm can be enough. Lateral mounting space is 100 mm each side. The construction of the gate door is based on a patented "easy click" system, allowing a very easy and quick installation. We believe that the assembly time of the Interflex section garage door may be reduced nearly by a half compared to the gates of other companies! Each assembly technician will feel the change and immediately notice the increased quality of the detailed parts of the gate.